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It has been a while ago I updated you on my hamradio related activities and there is a good reason for it. Since I spend most of my days in Sweden for work (to be precise the SM7 region) and there aren't many (Echolink) repeaters in the near vicinity it doesn't make a lot of sense to bring an HT with me. And using 3G/4G/Wifi to connect to Echolink is nice sometimes but for me doesn't count for a real hamradio feeling; and for the ones who now immediatelly start about DMR and DSTAR I would like to say that for a real hamradio feeling for me at least one part in the chain needs to be wireless and that is the start- or endpoint...

So how can we change this situation for the better? As you might have read before last year I bought a PD785G, a DMR handheld transceiver with several options like GPS and roaming. Though I am very happy with it (professional build quality, audio, ease of operating) there are some disadvantages. If you only take hand luggage with you there are restrictions to things you can pack weight and size wise. Since the PD785 is rather heavy and requires a seperate charge bay it's not an option to take it with me to Sweden.

Things are changing for the better since Hytera launched a new HT, the PD-365UC. Though it has some reduced output power (3W) compared to the PD-785G (5W) it is a nice compromise; the weight is only 160g and it can be charged via a micro USB charger so no additional charging bay required. But why did things change for the better then with Hytera launching a new HT?

OZ6NOR is busy installing a new DMR repeater (OZ6DMR) in Helsinggor, just across the Øresund, the water that seperates (part of) Denmark and Sweden. And if that new DMR repeater gets activated it will handle traffic for Talkgroup 204 on timeslot 1; so I should be able to contact the Netherlands via that repeater directly from my HT. I noticed somewhere to the south of Sweden (in Lund to be more precisely) there is also a DMR repeater but I guess the distance is too large from my HT to be able to work that one.

Anyhow I added it to my codeplug as well; you never know what will happen... And when I mention the codeplug I initially wanted to download a ready made codeplug from www.ham-dmr.nl ; before I tried to upload it to the radio I updated the firmware and as you might reckon the codeplug and firmware were incompatible. So I had to manually create a new codeplug myself. After having done so the new HT works fine. Batterylife is surprisingly good, audio quality is nice as well and it's easy to use. So I'm happy; now let's hope for the best with OZ6DMR...


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