It's all about hamradio

It has been quiet for a while but this doesn't mean I have not been active.

Two weeks ago I thought it would be a good idea to fire up the Flex 1500 and run WSPR; the result was surprisingly good...

2014-02-06 08:36 PG2P 14.097111 -26 0 JO22pj 1 VK2QN QF56hf 16573


So 16573 km with 1W output power!

Last week I was off and the XYL and I went for a short break at a holidaypark in 't Loo Oldebroek (JO22XK). As usual you always take too much stuff, but what I was using for the hobby that week was a Wouxun handheld transceiver, the FT-817 and an end-fed wire for 10, 20 and 40m. Though my expectations were low conditions on 10m were surprisingly good. The first station I heard was a station in Cuba; unfortunatelly he was not able to hear me yet. So I continued and was able to work WB2REM and K8CW (by the way when I mention QRP it means I do not have a lineair hi!).

After several attempts the Cuban station (CO6LC) could hear me and we made a very fast and short QSO... Next station I worked was KF4QXG who was awaiting his new transceiver. All by all 4 SSB QSOś with distances varying from 6461 up to 7791 km with only 5W of output power.

The next day I didn't have any luck at all. But based upon the way the antenna was hanging (one end connected to the window handle at the first floor, the other hand connected to a 40 cm wooden pole behind the house in the woods) I'm happy with what I achieved.

When we returned home there was a message that there was a package waiting for me at the local postoffice. Of course I already knew what was coming, the AA0713 Antenna Analyzer from Fox Delta. This analyzer should be connected to your PC. Together with the software (which can be downloaded free of charge) youŕe able to create beautiful SWR diagrams of your antenna situation. Very nice if you have multiband dipoles and want to know exactly where the dip is.

To conclude this recap I'm now busy trying to get my FT-950 and Microkeyer II to transmit CW from DM780. Up until no luck... That is I have implemented the recommendations from Microham but no matter what I try the transmitter refuses to switch to tx automatically. If I press the MOX button on the transceiver before I want to start sending CW I do see and hear the morsecode being transmitted but the interface somehow doesn't trigger TX/RX. Should be simple, something with DTR/RTS settings but up until now I haven't figured it out yet... Anyone having the same experience?







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