Welcome to www.pg2p.nl; on this site I will try to tell you about my activities as hamradio amateur. 

Since I my 6th or 7th I have always had great interest for radio; both making radioprograms for local radiostations as well as building my own 3m transmitters, CB radio and at a later stage hamradio.

After having a novice license (PD0PRS) for more than five years it was time to finish 2011 with a license upgrade. So in the beginning of december I took an exam and passed. The day after Christmas I could exchange my old callsign for a new callsign (PG2P).

And since then I've got the possibility to discover even more new aspects of this great hobby.

73! Paul, PG2P



PD0JSP on 2010-07-27 14:01

Mooie site met interessante artikelen Paul :)

Ga zo door zou ik zeggen!



PD0JSP (Jeroen)

ISWL820GE on 2016-04-12 21:08

hello, i Angelo ISWL820GE from Italy, send you my QSL CArd but returnig at my home. WHats your Adrress correct? i have Paul Rademakers - 1336 CK Almere , but returning with incorrect

 thans Angelo

you have EQSL.CC?

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