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Yagi in a bag

FT817 and 3 elements Yagi

When I visited the radio fleamarket in Rosmalen beginning this year I was already thinking of long summerevenings, high temperatures and exiting things I could do (HAM radio related, hi!)

When I saw the Superantennas YP3 Yagi in a Bag I knew I had to do some work on my FT-817. A One Big Punch compressor microphone was added just like an SSB filter and an additional battery. So the FT-817 was up to speed again, now it would be time to buy the YP3. So I ordered the antenna and started waiting. After a couple of days a big box was delivered with an approximatelly one meter long bag with all items to build a 3 element Yagi for 20, 17, 15, 12, 10 or 6m.

The kit contains several inductors (6x 7,52µH and 6x 3,5µH), De antenne wordt compleet geleverd met spoelen (6x 7,52 microHenry en 6x 3,5 microHenry), fittings, adjustment knobs, a banana to BNC connector, a BNC to PL convertor, clamps and even a tape measure (in inches)

You don't need any tools to build this antenna except for a wrench to attach the antenna to an antennamast. The above picture shows some elements and the bag. 

When I first started setting up the antenna it took me quite some time. (Yes, I should have studied the dimension sheet before I started...). What I've learned is that it's a good idea to make every element the same length before adjusting the tip. The length of the tip makes the difference if it's a reflector, a driving element or a director.

Unfortunatelly the SWR was the first time very high because I didn't connect the hairpin match in the correct way.  Read read read, check the dimension diagram and learn how to connect it et presto!


The total boomlength is about 3,4 meter. If you prepare the antenna for use on 20m the total lenght of the reflectors is 5,35m. By putting this antenna on a heigth of 10m will result in curious people asking what you are doing, hi!

After my first attempt to set up the antenna (so with the incorrectly attached hairpin match) I measured the following SWR:

Frequency SWR
14,100 3,0
14,110 2,6
14,120 2,2
14,130 2,0
14,140 1,8
14,150 - 14,190 1,7
14,190 - 14,220 1,8
14,220 - 14,250 1,9

After I noticed my mistake I corrected the hairpin match and received a real 57 report from New York (20m SSB phone). Not bad!

Some problems I've found:

  • when lengthening the mast the bananajack can be released from the antenna due to some tension on the coax; this can be solved by adding a tiewrap or something like that
  • the connection of the lugs to the hairpin match is very weak; soldered them again

 I'm ready for fieldday. Let's rock'n and roll!





PA4MN on 2011-09-25 21:03

mooi overrzicht! wordt weer eens tijd voor een babbel!

73  Marc

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